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Office space FAQ

What is Office Space?

The key industry term. 'Office space' is generally used to cover the whole industry offering. 'Leased office space' and ' Serviced office space' are terms that incorporate this phrase.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office (VO) offers someone to answer the phone in your company name, re-direct your mail and give yourself an office presence at a prestigious address.

Are Virtual Offices cheap?

Virtual offices services can be really cheap for the low-end offerings (~₤10pm) or the high-end virtual office (phone, address, mail forwarding) at about ₤140 per month.

What is a Serviced Office?

If you hire 'office space', it generally will be within serviced offices. This indicates offices that are fitted with desks, computers, lighting - everything you need to start immediately.

Explain Meeting Rooms to me...

If you would like to meet clients in a prestigious, serviced surrounding, then you need to book a meeting room. These are usually located in office space locations. Telephone facilities, projectors, drinks and food are usually supplied.

Are meeting rooms expensive?

Booking a meeting room is not too expensive. You can usually book meeting rooms for about ₤11 to ₤25 per person per hour from someone like Regus. Other meeting room operaters charge similar prices.

What is Videoconferencing?

This is a way for organisations to use audio and visual facilities to hold meetings with people in other locations. Video conferencing helps companies to save on travel costs.

What are training rooms?

Companies like Regus and Avanta for example offer training rooms. These allow a business to run classes and training sessions without using office space at their own business location.

Explain executive suites...

An executive suite is serviced office space provided from companies such as Regus, Abbey Business Centres and Avanta. They allow a small company to look larger and are a low risk alternative to buying an office building.

What is an executive office?

An executive office is the same as an executive suite, but is a much more english term, with executive suites an americanism.

What is commercial real estate?

Commercial real estate can be used for commercial offices, industrial and medical buildings but throughout this site, used only in relation to serviced office space.

What does sublease mean?

A sublease is an agreement where a lessee gives another lease to a 3rd party. This would make the 3rd party the subtenant. This is how Regus do lots of business, they lease a building and then sublease this out as serviced offices.

What is shared office space?

The idea of shared office space is becoming more popular in the business community. Sharing office space is an alternative to serviced offices and means that businesses share the same rooms, not just office buildings.

What is a telepresence suite?

A new way to videoconference is by something called a telepresence suite. This allows face to face meetings to take place from London to New York without travel. Serviced offices will all soon have telepresence suites.