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Brand New Grade A Office Space for Cardiff

November 19th, 2012 | by DanniB

600,000 sq ft of brand new Grade A office space could be constructed in the heart of Office space Cardiff serviced officesCardiff as part of a new Enterprise Zone.

Following debate around the scheme, put forward by the Welsh Government, plans have been presented to a council committee.

“The Minister has made it clear that her initial view on the plan demarcates the area south of the railway line, in the first phase, a commercial centre south of the railway line,” says Councillor Russell Goodway. “It would allow us to piggy back on the marketing to deliver additional benefits.”

“We know the Welsh Government has a different view of the Enterprise Zone and that they are reducing their capital contribution,” says Lib Dem Councillor Joe Boyle.

“This vision has, to a certain extent, been in cloud cuckoo land. There have been comments left, right and centre, but you have not said where all this money is coming from.”

The site that would need to be purchased for the Enterprise Zone has been valued at over £7m.

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