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Free office space designer tool

May 6th, 2008 | by admin

Choregus office.

Choregus is today proud to present our free office designer tool for you all to use.

We have been working on it behind the scene for a few weeks and thought it was time that it was released to the serviced office community.

Instead of using a ‘heavy’ program that takes a while to download and then an age to understand, you can now design a new office or rearrange an existing office online instantly with us!

To use the tool is very easy.  Go to and simply start to mess about.  You can create new desks, chairs, meeting tables, water coolers, windows, doors and more – everything for your office space.

Simplicity and ease of information, as you have guessed by now, is at the heart of what Choregus is all about and this fits in with our ethos.  Its so easy, even your receptionist could use it.  (now, now – Ed.)

Tool creator, James Jones said:

“I wanted an easy way to rearrange my new office but the options were very limited.  I could buy some very expensive, but very good software or use some lesser software that was free, but it really didnt do exactly what I wanted.  I just wanted to redesign my office space.

I decided that Choregus would be an ideal place to create a tool that did what I needed so easily, so I set about doing it and few weeks later, its ready for others to use also.”

As I said earlier, simply get stuck in and use the tool as much as you want for as long as you want.  We think its the best free office space design tool around.

Enjoy, the Choregus team.

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