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Office space design competition for Architect Barbie

May 17th, 2011 | by admin

A competition to design a home that incorporates a personal office space for the new Architect Barbie has been launched by toy manufacturer Mattel.

The iconic doll, created in the late 1950s, has over 125 careers on her CV already.

Architecture has been added to her existing repertoire after two female members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) campaigned to get Barbie up to speed with building design.

AIA members can enter a competition to design a new home for the doll with the winning entry set to be announced on August 2.

Barbie’s personal brief said: “My Dream House should reflect the best sustainable design principles and also be a stylish space that I can live in comfortably. A sleek, smart home office is important for any doll. With more than 125 careers, I need a spacious office that can accommodate my hi-tech gadgets for meetings, client visits and presentations”.

Other guidelines for the unusual design project include a connected living and dining area, large closet, backyard and functional kitchen.

Despina Stratgiakos, the professor of architectural history at Buffalo university, who campaigned with AIA New Office space York serviced officesYork president elect Kally Office space Hayes serviced officesHayes McAlonie, said: “For more than a century, women have chosen to become architects to express and give form to new ways of living. Yet some still consider architecture an unusual profession for a woman. Architect Barbie salutes the many generations of women architects and encourages young girls to imagine a better world they can design and build”.

The deadline for submissions is June 27 – five finalists will be announced on July 12 and the public will make the final decision on which design should win.

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