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One in ten office staff have had sex at work

February 5th, 2012 | by admin

One out of ten Office space UK serviced officesUK employees have had sex in the office, a new survey has revealed.

Office design company Maris Interiors found that 11% of the 400 participants in its study admitted to having sex in the workplace with 7% of respondents adding that it has become a regular practice rather than a one-off event.

The most popular location for having sex was found to be the employee’s own desk followed by a meeting room. Just over 10% of staff said they have had had sex in the work car park. The toilets and boss’ desk were found to be the least popular places.

Almost 95% of these encounters took place outside of normal office hours.

Human Resources partner at Maris Interiors, Claire Walker said: “For the 11% of people having sex in their office, I would recommend trying not to get caught! You may well be in breach of your employment contract if you’re thought to be bringing the company’s reputation into disrepute. And even if your job is safe, it will make for pretty embarrassing chats around the water cooler!”

Staff are bound to their employment contract until they leave work. Contracts do not have to be in writing but workers are entitled to a written copy within two months of employment even if they are only part-time staff.

Maris Interiors specialise in office fit-outs, refurbishment and design to help businesses improve their profile and enhance their brand.

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