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Raunchy Office Exchange Trends on Twitter

January 29th, 2013 | by MikeS

We’ve all been there. That time when you sent a text message to the wrong person, accidentally clicked ‘Reply All’ on a sensitive email, or found yourself hastily scrabbling for the ‘Message Recall’ option.

Electronic communications might be getting ever more savvy and sophisticated, but unfortunately the same cannot always be said for the users. And with instant communications and lightning-fast social media now a staple part of our everyday business and leisure diet, it’s now much harder to hide your actions – meaning that whatever happens in the office doesn’t necessarily stay in the office.

That’s exactly what happened to two colleagues at their office in Aberdeen. According to the Metro, receptionist Melanie and fiancĂ© Eric were enjoying a raunchy email exchange when the contents of the email were accidentally forwarded to the entire office. The cringe-worthy mistake happened when Melanie sent an email to colleagues informing them that the “sandwich van is here”, without realising that the contents of her exchange with hubby-to-be Eric was contained at the bottom of the email.

As if that wasn’t bad enough for the red-faced couple, the hashtag #sandwichvan quickly began trending on Twitter – publicising their antics to the world. Unfortunately the pair were so embarrassed they both handed in their resignation.

Although it’s little solace, the couple may take heart in the knowledge that they are certainly not alone as  a quick online search sheds light on numerous email blunders, including one hapless HR member who sent an updated phone extension spreadsheet to all employees within the company.

Innocent enough, except it turns out that the spreadsheet also contained confidential information regarding each person’s pay, bonus information and stock portfolio – from senior management down.

Remember to always double or triple check your email content and, more importantly, the recipient of your email before clicking the dreaded ‘Send’ button. Also be wary of group recipients as these can contain team members that you don’t wish to send your email to.

Business owner Rick Grant, who himself has been left red-faced following a mis-sent email, says:

“Always double check your recipient and, if possible, use a service like Boomerang for Google Apps where you have the opportunity to pull the e-mail back before it goes out. It might keep you from professing your love to a partner who would be less than impressed.”

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