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Wecome to the list of office space tools and calculators to give you a better understanding of all things office space and to help you make a better decision before you leave your office desk.

1) office space designer Office space designer tool -This was designed to allow anyone to quickly show an office layout without having to log in, create an account, download software and more. Its just a nice and simple tool where you can design your office space online and print it out with simplicity.

2)office space calculator Office space workstation calculator - This is a tool that allows you enter several details about your office space requirments so that you have a good, approximate price for serviced office space that you may require when moving your business it its new premisis.

3) office space name toolCompany Name Generator Tool - A great way to waste some time thinking of new names for your company or next web venture. Just press the button and your company name is created.

4) Office Space Directory Namer - With this tool you can discover the name and URL for an office directory that you may want to develop. This is a tongue-in-cheek tool, but there are some decent names in found within the tool.

5)coffee mug Random Tea/Coffee maker - Which person should be making the tea or coffee next for the office? A tool with a twist!

Other useful resources include Office games and office space TV.